SSVN Tussen de Torens is the student chess association of Nijmegen! The association was founded in 2021 by a small group of students, Jon van Broekhoven, Nysha Huits, Tiemen Hageman en Wouter Doeven.
In September of 2021 the first official academic year of SSVN Tussen de Torens started. In this year the 1st board (with help of the association) was able to organize chess courses, fun activities and great tournaments! One of these tournaments was the largest student chess tournament of the Netherlands, The IMC Grand Student Chess Championship!
Chess is of course the main focus of the association. To keep the association as organised as possible we have made a weekly planning which you can find below:

-Monday: Once a month we will host a classical chess evening. Last year we found some members would like to be challanged by playing classical chess. The time control will be announced shortly before the event.
Every week a course is given through the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC) by our very own commisioner of internal affairs, Nyasha Huits. This is a beginner course to introduce new enthousaistic students to chess! Later this year we would also like to give internal chess classes, prepared by our own members.
Every week members are able to play chess from 19:30-22:00 in The Yard, the sports cafe in the RSC. These evenings consist of two groups, A and B. Group A will start the evening with 1 competition match, while group B will play any type of chess they want. After the competion matches both groups can interact with each other. The chess committee organises these evenings, keeping an eye on the internal competition, eg. standings, arranging the matches and keeping track of the overall scores.
Every third thursday of the month we will host a fun activity for all of our members. These are organized by the activity commitee.
-Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
We will host tournaments, play in external tournaments and play our external competition matches. If you are interested in playing external matches in the academic year 2023-2024 please contact us.

Finally we are still looking for commitee members! If you are interested in helping the association grow please contact